Legal Shoplifting

Amazon’s newest AI offering is a grocery store with no lines. Just grab and go, and you’ll be charged automatically. The question becomes: just how smart does one need to be to shoplift in the future?

The Ta’u of Solar

Tesla and SolarCity have installed a solar microgrid on the island of Ta’u in American Samoa. Solar arrays and battery storage replace not-so-green diesel generators to supply nearly 100% of the island’s electricity. It would have been nice if they didn’t clear-cut the area, but still, this is undoubtedly a net positive.

Google Speaks Your Language

Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home
Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home

Now developers can write their own apps for Google Assistant. It’s currently limited to just a few devices like Google Home, but this will no doubt expand. It looks like the voice intents are more free-form than Alexa, although I haven’t dug into the API yet.

In the Spirit

One of my favorite light shows is Mike Ziemkowski’s Lights on Display. This year is no exception.


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