Notes #3: China

Inside the World’s Craziest Gadget Market

The electronics industry is centering itself around one city in China: Shenzhen. In just about 30 years, it transformed from small fishing villages to a city of 7 million. It could turn a megacity even more quickly. A great documentary on the subject is Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware.

How China is Changing Your Internet

Despite a user base less than half of Facebook, WeChat is the true Swiss Army Knife of mobile apps. Will it win us over in the West, or will concerns over data privacy halt its expansion?

Amazon Completes First Drone Delivery

It seems like a small first step, but the sky is no longer the limit. Commenter Jerrod P asks “So basically this works if you live on a farm and not like apt 13b?” I don’t think this is meant to be an urban delivery solution in the near term, but rather enhance fast shipping outside city centers. Who knows, though? Amazon has a habit of surprising.

Good Reads

“Artificial intelligence is not about building a mind; it’s about the improvement of tools to solve problems.” Google Translate recently improved by leaps and bounds thanks to a tiny AI skunkworks. Other technologies are poised to get the same treatment in the near future.

Audi releases a car with vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Right now will tell you how many seconds until a light changes and the speed limit. It’s a step toward autonomous driving, but given the ubiquity of Google Maps and smartphones, could this information also be generated with aggregate data and predictions?


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