Notes #4: World Domination

Not Your Average Russian Hacker

Elon and Mark, meet Vlad and Dmitry. I this Bloomberg documentary, we visit the practically desolate Silicon Valley of Siberia and then head to Moscow to meet the CEOs of Prisma and We ponder the implications of an app that can find anyone’s social media profile based on a photo and learn how one company is fighting cybercrime with its own breed of hackers.

Amazon Go Will Dominate Physical Retail

AWS powers a significant portion of the internet. As one of Amazon’s most profitable divisions, it has become the platform for nearly anything online. In a way, Amazon has put a tax the internet. It’s early, but Amazon Go is positioned to become the platform for physical stores of the future. Find out how in this brief video.

Mark Zuckerberg has AI

Mark Zuckerberg built his own smart home powered by natural language processing and image recognition. A bit I found insightful: “In general, I’ve found we use these more open-ended requests more frequently than more specific asks. No commercial products I know of do this today, and this seems like a big opportunity.” How natural will your conversation with Alexa be in the future?

Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – Sacrifice

This upbeat electronic track has been the background music to some serious heads-down sessions this week.

Site Update

Added The Intelligent Investor to my Book Notes.


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