Notes #13: Moonshots

Some fascinating links from the last couple weeks:

  • SpaceX is on a race with NASA to send two people around the moon next year, opening up the door for space tourism.
  • So long, steering wheels. California is proposing rules that would allow for the manufacture, sale, and operation of autonomous vehicles in the very near future.
  • Tesla pledges 100 MWh of battery storage in 100 days to help fix South Australia’s energy supply shortage.
  • Solar now provides twice as many jobs as the coal industry.
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero W is is a $10 computer with WiFi and Bluetooth. Not the first, but we need more cheap, connected computers.
  • Ben Thompson has put out a great read on Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye, an autonomous vehicle and collision avoidance software and hardware company. His analysis of the potential winners (software and components companies, ride sharing networks) and losers (some existing automotive companies) is worth paying attention to.

And check out my most recent blog post: 2017: The Year Electric Cars Go Mainstream.


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