The End of Flicker


If it’s not visible, it’s not a problem, right? Non-visible flicker is a common byproduct of LED circuit designs, and it can be hazardous to health, safety, and work performance.

Lighting manufacturers should be aware of some upcoming standards changes—including from the DLC—that could impact their ability to sell products with flicker in the near future.

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Everything Lighting OEMs Need to Know About the WELL Building Standard


The WELL Building Standard was launched in late 2014 with the goal of prioritizing the health and wellness of building occupants. It is most easily described as LEED for healthy buildings.

Like LEED, WELL operates on a scoring system in multiple categories, including air, water, and light. Some features are preconditions for certification, while others are optimizations. Depending on the number of features that pass, a project can be certified as WELL Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

WELL is quickly becoming an unstoppable force. In summer 2017, just 2.5 years after launch, there were 100 million square feet of projects completed or in progress worldwide. As interest has grown in healthy environments, the next 100 million will undoubtedly come even more quickly.

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Rockefeller Center Holiday Window Display

In late 2017, an opportunity presented itself to light a window display in Rockefeller Center in New York City, right around the corner from the annual holiday tree and ice skating rink.


The display, made entirely of chocolate, is a scale replica of Rockefeller Center: the tree in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, an ice skater, the Prometheus statue, and numerous international flags. Two experts in the world of chocolate worked together to build the base display.

I worked for the Experience Design Studio to design and implement the lighting experience.

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Could You Buy Lighting Like You Used to Buy Film?


Remember the days of film photography, when different choices would give you a different color profile? Like Kodachrome vs. Ektachrome.

Personally, I don’t remember this. But I did learn about it on YouTube.

Soon, you might use similar descriptors when you buy lighting. Or at least you’ll be able to understand how lighting makes you look, and how it makes your environment look.

Say you want to emphasize the red hues in your mid-century walnut veneer credenza. Or you want that navy blue accent wall to pop. Maybe you just want to make sure skin tones are stunning in the bedroom.

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The Lighting Trinity: 3 Specs You Must Know When Purchasing LED Light Bulbs

3 Bulbs

Shopping for lighting used to be pretty easy. For most bulbs, you only needed to know the physical shape and the wattage. For something more exotic, you could bring your old bulb to the store and match it with something on the shelf.

It’s very easy to purchase the wrong bulb — and end up dissatisfied.

Today, light bulb shopping is a convoluted mess. The wattage is no longer tied to how bright the bulb is. There are a bunch of new terms, like Kelvin, CRI, and lumens. It’s very easy to purchase the wrong bulb — and end up dissatisfied.

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