Greg Yeutter

New York City Holiday Window Display

I provided the lighting design and implementation for a Twitter-controlled holiday window display at Rockefeller Center. The display was made entirely of chocolate and ran through the holiday 2017 season.

A full photo and video album is available.

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I’ve always had a strong interest in entertainment lighting. In late 2017, an opportunity presented itself to light a window display in Rockefeller Center, right around the corner from the annual holiday tree and ice skating rink.

Storefront with Window Display on Left

The display, made entirely of chocolate, is a scale replica of Rockefeller Center: the tree in front of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, an ice skater, the Prometheus statue, and numerous international flags. Two experts in the world of chocolate worked together to build the base display.

Close-up of Tree with Multicolor Lights

A display constructed entirely of chocolate was a feat in itself. But what holiday window in NYC would be complete without lighting? That’s where I came in.

I worked for the Experience Design Studio to design and implement the lighting experience. The lights, which were animated with a constant snowfall effect, could be controlled by Twitter. Remote users viewing a livestream could change the tree to 9 different colors.

Window Display with Purple Lights

View the full photo and video album.

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Technical Details

See this page for a detailed overview of the hardware and software implementation.