Hustle Culture is Bullshit

If you’re hustling, you’re just obsessed with making money. Because you are driven by a very real need to make enough money to feel like you’re surviving, even if you satisfied that need long ago.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, if you really need a framework.

You’re getting in your own way. And your batshit energy is rubbing off on me in a bad way, ok?

Just take a step back for a sec. What the hell are you doing for 8 (I know you too well, it’s far more than 8) hours every single workday?

See? Hustle culture is Bullshit, with a capital B.

I’m not advocating you sit on your ass all day. Trust me, I’m so anxious I wouldn’t know what to do with myself either.

What I am advocating for: channeling that overdetermined energy into something more creative. Not into making “art.” Into creating value for people: making their lives easier and more enjoyable.

First, you gotta think about all the things that get into your way every day and drive you insane. I see you, type A individual, practically exploding at those little things.

Got some ideas? Good.

Now pick the one that resonates most and think about how you’re going to solve it. Make a list, draw it out on your iPad, dictate it...I don’t care. The important thing is that you’re thinking strategically. Thinking being the operative word.

Now that you’ve vomited some ideas, you’ve gotta figure out what the first step is. Something with low friction, that you can do right after you read this masterpiece of an article. And write down the next few steps too.

Your plan is going to be wrong. You’re gonna fuck up a bunch of times. You’re going to embarrass yourself. It’s all ok, you’re massively determined, and you are gonna make this work eventually. Really soon if it makes you feel better.

The important thing is taking the first step.

You’re gonna need a framework to take things from here. Listen to The Lean Startup audiobook. Get the Cliff’s Notes since I know you are gonna say you are too busy.

Elon, Steve, Jeff. None of these guys hustle, even if they give off that impression more than sometimes. They come up with ideas on how to make people’s lives better. Then they use this concept called leverage to make things happen. And they get even more of the big bucks because of it 🤑.

Now that’s productivity.

Ok, I’m looking at you. I believe you will make this happen. Take the first step RIGHT NOW.