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Tech & Workspace

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Photo by Ales Nesetril

I live in the Apple ecosystem.

Don't get me wrong, Apple products are not perfect, and I think Android phones are better than iPhones in some key areas.

But I prefer the workflow of a Mac. The base model iPad does so much for the money. And the Apple Watch appears to be unmatched in capability.

Continuity, which ties all your Apple devices together, is just magic. AirDrop, Universal Clipboard, Instant Hotspot, and Sidecar are all killer apps that "just work." Those are just a few of the reasons I'll stick with Apple products for the foreseeable future.

Camera & Studio

I post very regularly to my YouTube channel. Because I'm a bit of a gearhead, I have tried a bunch of different cameras, lighting setups, and audio solutions over the years.

However, now I'm trying to keep my video studio relatively minimal while maximizing quality. This way, I can travel more easily and not feel held back by equipment. I don't plan to purchase much beyond what I have now, unless it allows me to improve my quality while remaining flexible.










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